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Multiplying out brackets including surds worksheet no 2 (with solutions)


Algebra Worksheet Collection (with detailed solutions)


Linear Equations (differentiated exercises) worksheet (with solutions)


Solving quadratic equations (factorisation and formula) worksheet (with solutions)


Combining Like Terms Worksheet (with answers)


Factorising polynomials worksheet with worked solutions


Solving Equations with Positive and Negative Numbers Worksheet (with solutions)


Equation of a Straight Line – Simultaneous Equations Review Worksheet (with solutions)


Factorisation and Algebraic Fractions Review Worksheet (with solutions)


Algebraic Identities Review Worksheet (with solutions)


Solving Simultaneous Equations Worksheet No 2 (with solutions)


Rearranging Formulae (harder) worksheet with solutions


Rearranging Formulae (easy) Worksheet (with solutions)


Solving Equations With Algebraic Fractions Worksheet No 3


Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Fractions Worksheet No 2 (with solutions)