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Multiplying out brackets including surds worksheet no 2 (with solutions)


Percentages-Reverse Percentages Worksheet (with solutions)


Converting metric units of length worksheets (with solutions)

Calculator use worksheets (with answers)

Six worksheets on factorising quadratics (with solutions)

Domain of a function Bundle

Negative Numbers Bundle

Multiplying by numbers ending in zeros worksheets (with solutions)

Equations with fractions Bundle

Percentages worksheet no 2 (with solutions)


Algebra Worksheet Collection (with detailed solutions)


4 Tests on percentages (with solutions)

Triangle Angle Sum Theorem and Exterior Angle Theorem Worksheets (with solutions)

Triangle Angle Sum Theorem and Exterior Angle Theorem Worksheet (with solutions)


Exterior Angle Theorem Worksheet (with solutions)

Algebra for GCSE/IGCSE worksheets (with solutions)
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A large collection of 24 worksheets (254 pages) on selected topics from algebra:

Algebraic manipulation
Substitution into formulae
Simplifying expressions by collecting like terms
Collecting like terms (expressions with different variables)
Multiplying a single term over a bracket
6 Expanding double brackets
7 Factorisation
8 Quadratic factorisation
9 Indices
10 Rearranging formulae
11 Inverse functions
12 Composite functions
13 Equation of a straight line
14 Parallel and perpendicular lines
15 Solving linear equations
16 Solving quadratic equations by factorising
17 Quadratic formula
18 Completing the square and solving quadratic equations by com-
pleting the square
19 Simultaneous Equations -Elimination
20 Simultaneous Equations -Substitution
21 Simultaneous Equations One Linear, One Quadratic
22 Linear inequalities
23 Quadratic inequalities
24 The nth term of linear and quadratic sequences
Designed for the GCSE/IGCSE specification. Detailed solutions are included.

You will get a PDF (528KB) file