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Triangle Angle Sum Theorem Worksheet (with solutions)


Adding and subtracting surds Bundle

Expanding brackets using algebraic identities Bundle

Number systems Bundle

Distance between two points and midpoint of a line segment Bundle

Relative position of two lines or Circles Bundle

Triangle inequalities-Congruent triangles worksheets

Operations with integers Bundle 2

Area and volume of cylinder, sphere and cone Bundle

Algebraic identities (easy and harder questions) Bundle

Solving simultaneous equations using substitution Bundle

5 Worksheets on sets (with solutions)

Differentiation: Basic rules, trigonometric functions and Chain Rule

Triangles (sum of angles-inequalities-isosceles) Bundle

Differentiation (various rules) Bundle

Algebra for GCSE/IGCSE worksheets (with solutions)
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A large collection of 24 worksheets (254 pages) on selected topics from algebra:

Algebraic manipulation
Substitution into formulae
Simplifying expressions by collecting like terms
Collecting like terms (expressions with different variables)
Multiplying a single term over a bracket
6 Expanding double brackets
7 Factorisation
8 Quadratic factorisation
9 Indices
10 Rearranging formulae
11 Inverse functions
12 Composite functions
13 Equation of a straight line
14 Parallel and perpendicular lines
15 Solving linear equations
16 Solving quadratic equations by factorising
17 Quadratic formula
18 Completing the square and solving quadratic equations by com-
pleting the square
19 Simultaneous Equations -Elimination
20 Simultaneous Equations -Substitution
21 Simultaneous Equations One Linear, One Quadratic
22 Linear inequalities
23 Quadratic inequalities
24 The nth term of linear and quadratic sequences
Designed for the GCSE/IGCSE specification. Detailed solutions are included.

You will get a PDF (528KB) file